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Remote computer support

Remote computer support

Our remote computer assistance service is ideal for occasionally intervening on small computer problems that may arise. Remote computer troubleshooting consists of taking control of a remote computer via the internet connection, in order to carry out remote interventions. For the technician to be able to provide remote computer assistance, the Internet user must have a quality and stable internet connection and a computer on.

Multiple computer problems can be resolved very quickly without the potential cost of having an IT professional travel to your home with remote computer services.

How does remote computer troubleshooting work?

When you order remote computer troubleshooting and assistance, all you have to do is open a computer support ticket from your customer account describing your needs or the computer problems you are having with your computer. An IT technician will then quickly take note of your request for IT support and you will then receive an appointment proposal to set up online IT assistance.

The computer technician then sends you a link to download the remote control software and will ask you to communicate to him the identification number which will be generated when opening the remote computer assistance software that you have previously downloaded in order to be able to open a remote computer assistance session to your computer.

You thus give me temporary control of your computer so that you can follow all its manipulations on the screen.

The benefits of remote IT assistance

  • Remote computer assistance and troubleshooting services are accessible from anywhere.
  • Better availability with a computer technician who can intervene on your computer very quickly to solve your computer problems

We still ask for your availability in order to set an appointment, if the technician is not available immediately during your first phone call.

  • Many IT services at your disposal
  • Secure and encrypted connection with TeamViewer software
  • No travel costs
  • You can follow the IT intervention live remotely and see everything the IT technician is doing on your computer.
  • Your computer is not immobilized in the workshop.

Downloading the remote control software


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