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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Some questions

Frequently asked questions

You can surely find the answers to your questions about us here.

We provide a repair estimate free of charge. If you do not want to do the work, you will not be charged anything.

To call on us, nothing could be simpler, just call us then go to the store and entrust us with your equipment. If you want a home visit, all you have to do is make an appointment.

Our diagnoses and quotes are completely free.

I travel everywhere in the Luberon, however the travel costs are fixed below.

Over 15 km around -> 10 €

Over 30 km, 20 €

Over 50 km, 30 €

A diagnosis will be established in order to determine what are the causes and remedy them.

We will do our best to recover your so-called lost data, Be careful if there is a hardware failure our equipment does not always allow us to always recover the data at our level, perhaps the DATA laboratories, but it is expensive if there is has a physical problem on your hard drive.

Diagnosis and data recovery are carried out in the workshop from 115 € everything will depend on the complexity, the time spent, the amount of data recovered and readable. Hardware failure or logical failure or hard drive out of breath. (computer fall), old computer.
Just contact us so that we can intervene.

The price may vary according to different criteria, visible on the page of our rates.

  • Flat rate billing: a fixed price (labour).
  • Invoicing according to estimate: for example for the creation of a website, SEO service or change of parts, acquisition of computer equipment, complex breakdown which requires a diagnosis in the workshop. (purchase of computer components, etc.)
  • Billing at the hourly rate, the time spent to repair a computer
  • The level of complexity
  • Intervention mode, on site, i.e. in the workshop, remotely, or computer repair at home
  • The type of customer: individual or professional